Life As You See It

Ever wonder why, when you see waves lashing against a rock,
You are reminded of how beautiful Life is?

When you see the orange sun setting behind the clouds,
You are reminded of how beautiful Life is.

When you see a freshly bloomed flower with sparkling dew drops,
You are reminded of how beautiful Life is.

When you experience the warmth of the sun on an extremely cold day,
You are reminded of how beautiful Life is.

When you see a mild red sun, rising in the horizon,
You are reminded of how beautiful Life is.

When you see a bird feeding its fledglings,
You are reminded of how beautiful Life is.

A miracle in itself,
Life is beautiful.
Maybe we complicate it,
With expectations and ambitions.


Sometimes you wait, and then wait some more,
"Be patient", they say.
"Good things come to those who wait", they say.
But the wait leads to expectations,
Expectations spread like weeds,
Dis allowing roses to bloom.

Then one fine day, 
You're jolted out from your reverie,
Cause you're in the midst of the very dream,
Living it. 
Observe. Be grateful.

Of Almosts

Neither complete nor uninitiated,
Know that feeling of being in between?
Almost best friends,
Almost promoted,
Almost in love,
Almost finalized holiday plan,
Almost committed,
Almost reaching the destination,
Of Almosts. 
The world teaches you black & white early on,
But it's the greys you've got to learn to recognize later.
Not just recognize but to accept.
Cause you can't fit a "grey" anywhere,
Neither here nor there.
And you'll learn to unlearn,
That every story has not only a beginning & an end,
But also, a grey in-between!

Myanmar Diaries


The Dawn of 365 Chances

The morning of a brand new first day of a new year is exhilarating. The thought of all the possibilities, adventures and happiness in store leaves one with a myriad of emotions. It always amazes me, that though everything around us is the same when we wake up, the feeling of excitement is unsurpassed. We are charged up to do better, work harder and be happier. Mother Nature shows no signs of change though. The white blankets of snow continue covering the vast expanses of land, the Sun still rises bright as ever and the furry animals are in deep hibernation till Spring. 
This leaves me thinking, that if only we prepare ourselves to believe that every day or even every month holds better opportunities. Easier said than done! But definitely worth a try! Starting my new year with this thought..
Wishing all you guys, a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!