Nature: A Mother she is to All

Being a nature lover, I like the lessons Mother Nature imparts to us every day. Observing and learning from these has helped me on numerous occasions. So, I thought, I'll capture some: Persistence- Go on,no matter what. The sun will always rise, despite the dark clouds, the thunder and the storm.You're unique in your own way, bloom! A flower will bloom when it has to, without bothering about the one next to it.Timing- There's a right time for everything. Neither late nor early, it'll happen when it has to. You cannot rush a sapling to grow into a tree overnight.It's okay to change- Seasons come- the colors change and each one is beautiful in its own way.Let go of the things, people, situations,thoughts you cannot manage. It's a process necessary for growth. Let the dead leaves fall, the tree will grow stronger. Be vulnerable, it's okay! Autumn makes even the mighty oak be vulnerable and shed its leaves. Sometimes, after a terrible storm, you'll notice a …

Want it? Do it.

When was the last time, you postponed something you really wanted to do? Calling a loved one, craving your favorite chocolate dessert but waiting till the weekend to order it, painting, writing an email/letter to a friend you've lost touch with , the list goes on.. We always somehow, put ourselves second. Trying to squish the desire right out of our minds to another time in the future when you can give yourself some time. 
Beginning this year, I decided to try it out! The tiny desires which I could treat myself to and get them right out of the way. That way, you're happy and there's no waiting. Who knows what the future holds? Think of a friend, call him/her immediately. Craving some Chinese food- why not? Want to catch the sunset- go for a quick walk and treat yourself. Aiming to be fit? Start today!
Our social system teaches us to sacrifice self and cater to others. Yes, one should most times. But, I've also realized that, you've got to put yourself first sometime…

Summer Afternoons in India

It's a warm Sunday afternoon in April. Most people are indoors, snoozing after a heavy Sunday lunch. Oscar sleeps on , in the cool verandah, swishing at flies, maybe in his dreams, cause I see none. The pigeon nesting in the attic, is cooing softly. It's been about half an hour and she goes on. Almost like a snore- rising and falling. The big Gulmohar tree across the road, is full in bloom, swishing merrily in the warm April breeze. The ground below is beautifully adorned with red & yellow petals. Reminding the passersby of the beautiful yesterday that was. 
The afternoon is so still that even the squirrel on the mango tree is nowhere to be seen. Sunday lunches are always heavy, ending with sweet ripe mangoes. It's understood that one has to save some space for the juicy mangoes. You aren't allowed to refuse! Who says "No" to the king of fruits, after all?
The evening might bring in a thunderstorm. A usual occurrence in Eastern India. When heavy, dark cloud…

Making Every Drop Count !

"You never know the worth of water until the well runs dry"
Imagine, a hot summer day and you're running errands exhausted, and would give anything for a sip of cold water to refresh you. Now, imagine a similar scenario- but now, there's no water left on the planet. What would one want to consume to refresh oneself? It's a scary thought, which we are quick to dismiss giving an excuse that the situation is still a long way to go! Well, that's where we are wrong! 
Out of all the water on Planet Earth, only 2-2.8% is fresh, drinking water. This small percent which currently sustains all life forms is fast depleting. Places such as Cape Town in South Africa have already run out of water. Several other cities are already heading towards this sad situation. Rajasthan, interiors of rural Maharashtra and Bihar face drought like conditions every year. Water conservation requires the efforts of each and every human being. Tiny steps towards saving water daily will help t…


You've got to feel something completely
In your heart, till it explodes
Only then will it leave you.
Be it love, be it pain,
Hope or jealousy,
A person.

And then you feel liberated,
A light hearted feeling.